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Free advertisement for Muslim businesses on the internet:

Please be advised that non of the businesses below have anything to do with me or with my web site.  I help my brothers and sisters in Islam to advertise for their businesses for free on this site.  I encourage all Muslims to try to shop at Muslims' businesses first, to be able to get the best variety of different Islamic and Cultural products at competitive prices, and most important, to help your brothers and sisters in Islam grow financially.  Please browse through the entire list of businesses, because it is continuously growing, and it contains a nice variety of products and services.

The categories of this article are:

  1. Educational Services, Schools, and Accredited Online Universities.
  2. Online Services and Consulting.
  3. Online Wholesales.
  4. Online Stores.
  5. Offline Stores.
  6. Law Offices.
  7. Online Book Stores.
  8. Hospitality.
  9. Travel.




If you are a Muslim brother or sister and would like for me to help you grow your business, then please feel free to forward me your (1) Web site; (2) Banner if you have one, or the link where I can download it; and (3) A small description of what you provide from services to the following email address:


This is a free service.  Best of luck insha'Allah (if GOD is willing).


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