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If Islam never existed, would "Allah" still be a known Name for GOD Almighty among the Arab Jews and Christians today?

GOD Almighty Has many Divine Attributes.  Every "Name" for Him has a meaning.  In Islam, there are 99 Divine Attributes for GOD Almighty.

"Allah" in Arabic is "Elaw" in Aramaic.  The Jews and Christians before Islam called GOD Almighty as "Allah" in the Middle East.   "Allah" means the GOD Almighty that is above all gods (idols, humans, etc...).  "Elaw" in Aramaic means "God" or "GOD", and it means the same thing that the Arabic "Allah" means.

I have provided archeological evidence that proved that the Arabic and Aramaic-speaking Jews and Christians in the 4rd century (200 years before Islam) called GOD Almighty as "Allah".  The Hebrew speaking ones of course called Him "Yahweh" or "Jehovah", which means "The LORD" or "GOD".  "Yahweh" is a Hebrew-language word.   "Allah" is both Arabic and Aramaic.

All of the proofs are located in the "Allah" was GOD Almighty's Name according to the Hebrew and Aramaic sources section.

Also visit: Jewish and Christian Arabs used the word "Allah" for GOD before Islam.  See historical and archeological evidence and most recent discoveries in the Middle East.


The "moon god" lie!

There is a big difference between ignorance and lies.  In the case of the "Allah is a moon god" false charge, the ignorants are the ones who claim it without knowing anything, and the liars are the ones who invented this lie and spent a great deal of time spreading it.  While I provided in the link above the ample evidence that debunks this lie, but for the sake of showing how ridiculous and low this lie is, I would like to debunk it using only one Noble Verse from the Noble Quran just to show how ridiculous some Jews and Christians are with their absurd lies:

"Among His Sings are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Adore not the sun and the moon, but adore God, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve.  (The Noble Quran, 41:37)"

The reason why this lie was thought out and became very popular among many of the Western ignorants (sorry to say that) is because some desperate liars from among the Middle Eastern jews and christians knew that Muslims use the moon to determine the timing and the beginning and the ending of the Fasting Month of Ramadan.  The moon, stars, dawn, evening-sky-lines/breaks and others during Islam's times and even before were used and still are used for determining time.  Obviously back then digital clocks did not exist!  So the only means they had for determining time was by using GOD Almighty's astronomy/cosmos that was available to them.


Here is a little some thing for YOU, the reader, to ponder upon:

The 5-daily sets of Prayers in Islam are spread throughout the day.  They start when the morning starts, at dawn, and they end when night comes (when the sky turns completely black).  Between those two times, the 5-daily sets of Prayers are practiced.  Now the question to YOU and to those who are not too dumb to be fooled by the Islam-phobic liars is:


How do you think the Muslims determined the exact timing of each set of Prayer, 1500 years ago, when they didn't have satellites and digital technology available?


Do you now see why the moon and other GOD Almighty-created astronomical objects were used for determining time?

Do we worship the dawn?  No!
Do we worship the moon? No!
Do we worship the sun? No!
Do we worship the night? No!
Do we worship the earth? No!

Do we worship anything other than GOD Almighty? No!

Do we only worship GOD Almighty and nothing but GOD Almighty and associate no partners with Him such as idols and men?  Absolutely Yes!






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"Allah" is GOD's Name, "Elaw" means "GOD" in Aramaic: How can they be the same?  I clearly proved from the Noble Quran that "Allah" means the Supreme GOD Almighty in Arabic.

Jewish and Christian Arabs used the word "Allah" for GOD before Islam.  See historical and archeological evidence and most recent discoveries in the Middle East.

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